590 Elm St. Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone: (508) 339-5912
Fax: (508) 261-0274


While you are at work or otherwise occupied, rest assured your dog is enjoying a day filled with fun and healthful activities. With three acres of fully fenced-in property available, our guests have the freedom to run free or take it easy under a shade tree.

Amenities available to daycare guests:

Swimming pools for splashing and relaxing.

Canopied picnic table area for chewing on favorite toys.

Smaller, private yard for small guests and those who don't wish to run with the crowd.

Tunnels to explore and dirt piles to dig in.

Controlled environment with kennel temperature maintained at 70 degrees year-round.

State of the art fire alarm system provides 24-hour monitoring.

Ozone-freshening system changes air seven times hourly with Hepa charcoal filters and UV lights for fresher kennel air.

Clean environment sanitized regularly to eliminate all germs and bacteria.

Whether or not you had a good day, there is something you can count on when you stop by to pick up your dog. He or she had a great day!

This is as good as it gets. Room to roam. Piles to climb. Holes to dig. A pool for cooling off, and good friends of all breeds.